Security Solutions

Security Solutions

Intruder / Burglar Alarm Systems

Argus Limited is an approved installer of burglar alarms with all local Police authorities and installation standards are inspected annually by the SSAIB (Security Systems Alarms Inspection Board). All hard wired reliable systems meet with British Standard EN 50131 and conform to the Association of Chief Police Officers (ACPO) Intruder Alarm Policy. Intruder Alarm Systems comprise Scantronic control panels linked to Scantronic wire free/wireless alarms.

CCTV Integrated Systems

Argus Limited have thorough experience in CCTV and will be able to recommend a camera that will give the customer a picture with the best clarification or coverage. Integrated systems combine CCTV cameras with Digital Video Recorders and display monitors which can be accessed from anywhere in the world connecting remotely through the internet and in total darkness using the latest infra-red technology.

Perimeter Systems

Argus Limited have experience in installing infra-red perimeter systems for businesses and households alike. Infra-red sensors will automatically detect any attempt of physical intrusion breaking the perimeter security. The transmitters and receiver housing are inherently weather, insect and tamper proof. Systems comprise dual beams which both have to be interrupted simultaneously to trigger an alarm.

Fire Alarm Systems

Argus Limited have been installing fire alarm systems for over 20 years in both business premises and private properties. A home fire alarm system is usually part of a total security system providing burglary protection in addition to fire detection. Systems consist of a central control panel to which smoke alarms and heat detectors are connected along with bells and sounders that are activated when the system triggers an alarm. The costs of adding fire alarm features to a residential burglary system are relatively low. Argus use EMS to provide wire free fire alarm systems.

Proximity Access Control

Mainly used by businesses and larger properties, systems can comprise telephone entry products providing an ideal entry solution for any size application. Readers, keypads and cards are compact and vandal resistant and suitable for installation in various indoor and outdoor environments. A receiver and transmitter system provides longer read range without comprising security. Argus Limited can provide experience and knowledge in all areas to ensure the most suitable system is recommended.

Security and Emergency Lighting

Argus Limited can supply and install a complete range of high quality security and emergency lighting solutions. Security and emergency lights are wired to the mains and have the benefit of battery backup so if the power fails they remain illuminated. Batteries are either contained within each light or accessed via an independent wired circuit. The batteries remain charged from the mains supply. Escape routes and emergency exits must be illuminated and Argus can advise businesses on the most cost effective emergency lighting solutions to meet with current Building Control standards.


Argus Limited can supply and install security safes for home and business use, wall safes, floor safes and large office safes as well as fire resistant safes to protect paper and vital data media such as disks or tapes. Safes have either key locks, electronic combination locks or the latest technology in security safes, fingerprint recognition biometric locking. Eurograde safes offer the highest level of security available with cash ratings of up to £100k (£1m valuables) and each safe is tested and approved to meet the stringent EN 1143-1 standards. Most insurance companies will have a x10 rating for jewellery stored in a safe. For example a domestic safe with a £10k cash rating can be used to store up to £100k of jewellery.