Home Entertainment

Home Entertainment

Whole Home Audio Systems

Argus Limited can provide the very best quality in hi-fi and multi-room equipment. Systems can include invisible speakers installed within the walls or ceiling voids, visible in-ceiling speakers as well as more conventional speakers and integrated amplifiers.  Multi-room audio solutions can give you the ultimate in listening power with the ability to choose from 6 difference sound sources, delivering music to up to eight different listening zones in the house. Systems can be managed by simple remote controls  or stylish wall units and can be linked to the latest iPod technology. Argus has experience in all fields and can advise on different manufacturers products and load your music onto server based systems. Systems used include Nuvo products.

Home Cinema Installation

Home cinema systems deliver the ultimate entertainment experience with the latest technology including surround sound. Argus Limited have installed a number of different systems for clients with either flat screen plasma TV’s or concealed drop down screens with projectors, that can be hidden in bookcases or similar. Blu-ray DVD technology enhances the effect offering crystal clear sound with stunning picture quality. Based on the systems already installed Argus Limited is well placed to provide advice on the best quality products on the market.

Fibre Optic Lighting

Argus Limited has been installing low voltage, energy efficient lighting for many years and can advise on the best system to suit the customer. Endless effects are possible including twinkle, colour changing, mood lighting and control or scene setting. Argus can provide lighting solutions for almost every application including swimming pools, venue lighting and special projects. Fibre optic lighting has low UV, no heat emission, requires low maintenance and has high energy efficiency.